Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bird rehabilitation Center

It was an amazing experience going to the Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center in Key Largo.I got to see a Kerstrel(shown to the left),a Peregrine falcon,a couple of Red-Shouldered hawks,a Spotted owl,Great Horned owls, eastern Screech owls,brown pelicans and Double Crested cormorants,even a Great White Heron,which are only found in the Florida keys. Then me and my sister got to feed the pelicans!It was an amazing experience. Have you ever had a memorable experience with birds?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ospreys everywhere!

When I started to get intrested in raptors,or birds of prey,I always wondered when I would see an awe-striking osprey. When summer break ended, my hope of seeing this amazing raptor died away. But one day, coming back from school , my sister saw a huge bird on an utility pole.An osprey! All of a sudden,I started seeing ospreys everywhere. One even made it's home near my lake! It wasn't until a couple of months later I took a picture of this unique bird of prey. What is your favorite bird?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Birds of prey

I see birds of prey every day.Accipiters, such as coopers and sharpshinned hawks roam my back yard looking for squirrels.Accipiters have short,stout wings and long tails for manuevering through thick undergrowth. Buteos,the larger species of hawk with long, broad wings, also live near me.Another awesome raptor,the osprey,lives near my lake.I love watching raptors.A thrill runs through me every time I see one.
Which birds of prey do you see every day?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birds of the world

There are millions of different species of birds all over the world.From the tiny ruby throated hummingbird to the majestic harpy eagle,they all have something special about them.When I wake up in the early morning,, I hear an osprey whistle, or a blue jay screech.I love going in search of birds, no matter how common they are.
I enjoy seeing different species of birds each day in the swampy habitat near my home, specially raptors.(Hawks,eagles,etc)What birds live near you?