Thursday, October 15, 2009

Birds of the world

There are millions of different species of birds all over the world.From the tiny ruby throated hummingbird to the majestic harpy eagle,they all have something special about them.When I wake up in the early morning,, I hear an osprey whistle, or a blue jay screech.I love going in search of birds, no matter how common they are.
I enjoy seeing different species of birds each day in the swampy habitat near my home, specially raptors.(Hawks,eagles,etc)What birds live near you?


  1. En mi casa escucho las palomas desde muy temprano porque tienen un nido en mi techo. Hay cuatro palomas, 2 blancas y dos negras.

  2. Yo tambien escucho las palomas, en especial cuando abro las ventanas temprano por la mañana... bueno, a parte de eso en mi universidad hay unos canarios de un amarillo tan intenso!!! son muy bonitos! lo malo es que se llevan la comida de los chicos! jajaja =)

  3. Santiago, I enjoyed reading your blog. Last summer, I had the opportunity to observe one of the millions of species of birds that exist around the world. One day, I was at my friend’s house and suddenly we started to hear some birds whistling and guess what?. They were two swallows building their nest on the brick wall in front of the main entrance of the house. It was amazing! I decided to observe them every single day while they build their nest. It was an incredible job. When they finished, their nest looked like half a small baseball, made with dirt and adhered to the brick wall.
    I hope next year some swallows choose my home patio to build their nest. It will be great to have them close to me!!!! Keep up with the hard work in your blog!