Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reptiles and birds?

Scientists are still trying to decide if birds should be classified reptiles.Bird legs are covered with scales, and there toes have claws. There feathers are modified scales, and they, like reptiles, lay eggs. In addition, birds evolved from dinosaurs,which were reptiles. But in my research, I found out something even more interesting, that supports the fact that birds are reptiles. In 2003,a scientist called Horner,who helped make the jurrasic park movie,made a amazing discovery. Horner figured out that he could retro-engineer the modern day bird to turn it into its ancestral relative, a group of dinosaurs called "Raptors."Horner believed that a modern bird's DNA contains a genetic memory that could be "switched on" again, resurrecting the long-dormant dinosaur traits. First,Horner tried this on the emu. It didn't work. Then, he found out that the chicken was a possible choice too. He managed to make one grow teeth, almost identical to those of an alligator!For more info, go to this link:Jurassic park comes true!


  1. Santiago,

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  2. Santiaguito: Me ha parecido muy interesante lo que has escrito sobre las aves y los reptiles. Sigue investigando. Estamos muy contentos con el progreso de tu blog


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